January 22nd, 2011



Today's guest is the author Jaime Samms, known on Live Journal as dontkickmycane. As her portfolio and popularity grow steadily, she stops to ask: how well does sweet romance sit with our male/male genre?

Bio: With most of the hours in the day taken up by a part time job and the full time occupation of raising and schooling two kids, writing is somewhat of an indulgence, but it's the indulgences that keep us sane, right? When not otherwise occupied, like most writers, reading is my relaxation method of choice, and you can find links to reviews at Dark Diva Reviews to let you know what I liked (and occasionally, what I didn't). And just in case there are an extra few minutes in the day, I also help out the admin team at a writer's critique group: Dreaming in Ink. After all, idle hands and all that.

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Or not. 

I've been told by people who know much more than I about these things that m/m romance can't be sweet. Without a healthy dose of Hawt sex, you're left with a less effective story. Hmmm.

The real questions is can a romance between men be told--with or without detailing every sex act--and still be sweet? Or is that just a construct we female writers created because that's what we want? We want the romance and the hot sex. Yeah baby. Gimme my cake, and gimme my fork, cause I'm eating that sucker too!

My opinion, which might be obvious, after the orgy of cake eating, is that yes, men can be madly in lust with each other, and their love story can still be sweet.

I give you Andrew Grey's writing as an example. I'm currently in the middle of Children of Bacchus.
Who knew satyrs could be so bloody romantic. And I'm told that isn't even his sweetest romantic effort.

I don't know that I write as sweet as all that, but I do dose my guys pretty liberally with a tender side and as far as I'm concerned, they come by it honestly. I know more than a few guys in my life who don't speak up a lot about how they feel, but they do convey it in other ways. Don't ever tell any of them they're sweet, though. They'll just grunt at you and wander off to do something suitably manly.

What does everyone think? Does too much tender spoil your enjoyment of a good m/m romp? How realistic do you really want these fantasy guys? Really?



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