January 21st, 2011



Today's guest is the well-known and respected author Rick R. Reed, with successful and entertaining books in many genres. He's sharing with us today his new release - and a new direction for him!

Bio: Rick R. Reed has been described as the "Stephen King of gay horror" by Unzipped Magazine. And Dark Scribe magazine said, "Reed is an established brand — perhaps the most reliable contemporary author for thrillers that cross over between the gay fiction market and speculative fiction." Reed also chronicles the emotional lives of gay men in his work, with an increasing eye toward exploring the romance genre.


A Few Words from the Author

My latest novel, a "romantic comedy" more in the style of John Waters than Neil Simon, Dignity Takes a Holiday releases just this week. The new release marks a real departure for someone who thinks of himself primarily as a horror/suspense author.

Now, if you are looking for lofty literary aspirations, good taste, or a serious commentary on the human condition, then go somewhere else. Dignity Takes a Holiday is for those of you who like bawdy and brazen humor about a true underdog looking for love in all the wrong places. Someone asked me what the the theme of the book was and I said, "There’s a part in the story where yet another awful fate has befallen Pete and the book says, “What could he do but laugh?” And I think that’s the guiding principle behind Dignity Takes a Holiday--that laughter in the face of adversity is often the best, and most appropriate, response. I wanted to write a book that was not only funny, but showed that not all gay men are alike. Pete Thickwhistle is definitely an original."

Meet Pete Thickwhistle. Pete doesn’t live what one might call a charmed life. At age forty-seven, he’s a flamboyant gay man who believes no one knows he’s gay, still living at home with his harpy of a mother. Worse, he’s still a virgin, longing to find just the right man to make his life complete. Pete’s an upbeat kind of guy, yet he’s never learned that the answer to his motto “What could possibly go wrong?” is always: “Everything.”

Pete’s road to love and happiness is full of potholes, yet he never tires of searching, despite job losses, weight battles, clothing faux pas, and disastrous vacations, parties, and dating debacles. Pete is the ultimate underdog living a television situation comedy, one named Dignity Takes a Holiday.


Pete spent the next two weeks in a fruitless job search. No one wanted to hire him (“Personally, I can't blame them,” Helen told him). He was feeling particularly tense when he emerged, looking guiltily up and down the street, from L'Amour Adult Playhouse. He wore a trench coat bought at Goodwill, giant sunglasses and a beat-up fedora he had hung on to from the 1960's. Concealed beneath the trench coat was a #36, The Kamikaze, dildo. The dildo was eight inches long and six inches around. Pete both feared and desired the object. He prayed Mother would never discover its existence.

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Buy Dignity Takes a Holiday direct from the publisher Dreamspinner Press in paperback HERE
or e-book HERE.

Dignity Takes a Holiday is also available from Amazon in Kindle and paperback, as well as all major digital and print booksellers.


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