January 7th, 2011



Todays' guest is a two-for-one: the authors Dianne Fox and Anah Crow, who have co-authored many books. They'll talk to you today about some of the trials of organising their publications - as if we authors can plan these things to the day LOL.

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Anah and Dianne have been sharing a sandbox since 2003 and their only regret is that they didn't meet many years ago when the amount of time they spend in their imaginary worlds would have been considered perfectly normal. Dianne organizes their shared toys and makes them pretty, Anah blows them up (or buries them or drowns them or drops meteors on them). Fortunately, their escapades have translated quite well into story format and together they have written a number of well-received novels and shorter pieces.

In other aspects of life they continue to illustrate the old adage that "opposites attract". Dianne is owned by her cats, Anah is at the mercy of her dogs; Dianne can't do without her beloved Macs, Anah carries on an illicit relationship with a trio of PCs behind her Mac's back; Dianne spends her days chasing children, Anah avoids them whenever possible. The main thing they have in common, after their writing, is their fondness for each other.


"It never rains, but it pours."

That was our holiday season. Of course we had the usual holiday events -- there were gifts to be made, there was cooking to be done, Dianne's in-laws were in town, Anah got sick...

And then the edits for one of our upcoming novels came in from our editor at Samhain. Trammel is the second book in the Foundations of Magic series and our editor had pointed out quite a few spots that needed work because we'd forgotten the readers couldn't, you know, read our minds. Oops. So we had three weeks to get that done. No problem, right?

Well, Anah got sick and that delayed things a little, but not too badly. We got an extension of three days from our fantastic editor.

In the last week before we had to turn in the Trammel edits, we got news that we needed to fill out some forms for Carina Press related to what was then an upcoming release: One Real Thing. So in between revising scenes and expanding character motivations, we carved out the time to figure out some interesting tidbits Carina could post on their Twitter and Facebook feeds, and wrote a post for Carina's blog. So far so good.

Then the edits arrived for Going the Distance, a novella we've got coming up next month from Amber Allure. There was some whining, we admit, but mostly we just both took deep breaths and resolved to not even open the file until we'd finished the Trammel edits.

This is not the first time this has happened to us, either. No matter how we plan, at least once a year our edits and promo work coalesce in a space that is anything but a lull in our daily lives. It's enough to cause anyone to develop a complex, or at least a mild neurosis--we have enough of those, thanks. However, we do learn from our past trials, so this was a learning experience at the least.

There's a happy ending, though! We finished the Trammel edits on time (with the three day extension, which we stuck to even when our wonderful editor offered a few more days), finished all the forms for Carina Press, One Real Thing has arrived, and we even managed to finish the edits for Going the Distance.

...too bad we don't have time for a nap.

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