January 1st, 2011



Happy New Year to all, and welcome to my Birthday Blog Month.

Guests every day - I hope! - with their own topic for entertainment, discussion, promotion, whatever they choose.

PLEASE NOTE some of these will be adult in nature.

Please comment whenever and wherever you like. I certainly enjoy all your company and I also want to thank and appreciate the time and effort the guests have contributed to the fun.



Take the prompt "A NEW RESOLUTION" and do what you like with it :). A few sentences, a drabble, a short story. Any genre, any theme.

I'll welcome as many snippets as you can come up with. If we have enough, I'll post every week. If we're all a bit too exhausted after Christmas to write much, I'll post a batch at the end. Whatever works!

Send your fiction to me at clarelondon11 AT yahoo.co.uk. Any time!



My first contribution to FREE prompt fiction this month...ENJOY!

WARNING: NC17 rated beneath the cut

A Sparks Fly New Year's Resolution

Nic stirred restlessly on his bed under the quilt. The morning light slid across his face, teasing at his flickering eyelids, but he resisted opening them just yet. There was a gentle throbbing at the nape of his neck that he’d come to associate in the past with the morning after a heavy night out. Nic Gerrard, charisma and cachet, cheek by cheek, the tabloids described him. The playboy who plays hard! Or so they used to say, in the past. Nowadays he wasn’t found at as many parties as before; had less time for the hangers-on and the hopeful young models. The paparazzi was finding it more familiar – though maybe less scandalous – to report on his business successes. His famous dating agency Sparks; his diversification into lifestyle learning; his recent development of a comprehensive website resource for young adults.

Nic smiled in his half-sleep. And what would the headline be, if they found him here, right now? Though it wasn’t like he cared – the tabloid attention was just a lurid dream for him nowadays. He stretched out under the sheets, languorously. He wanted to sleep some more…

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Meet Nic and Aidan in the original novel at Dreamspinner Press.


Welcome today to luscious_words - The virtual home of Layla Aaron, Welshman's wifey, Bolly fangirl, Erotic wordsmith - all in one

Layla has a wonderful way of welcoming us all into the New Year by sharing a selection of her fabulous, award-winning, icons.

Clare sez: Some may be non-worksafe, but all are GORGEOUS!


Sooo, I signed up to help Clare ring in the New Year with a few icons I made. Little did she know that I would go crazy and create huge tables of icons to share with her friends. I have included icons of my favorite Bollywood and Hollywood actors, along with some of my favorite male models. But I didn’t stop there, I have sexy sportsmen, sexy kinksters, and best of all, lots of couples illustrating how hot and sexy love can be.

A Taste of Eye Candy

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Artist’s Note: If you see one you like, snag away. Please credit me if you adopt. Enjoy!

Icon Legend:
1-8 – Ajay Devgan; 9-16 – Shahrukh Khan; 17-20 – Shahid Kapoor; 21-24 – Aamir Khan; 25-30 – Hrithik Roshan; 31-32 – Abhishek Bachchan; 33 – Kunal Kapoor; 34 – Uday Chopra; 35-36 – Arjun Rampal; 37-38 – Bobby Deol; 39-40 – John Abraham; 41-42 – Boris Kodjoe; 43 – Dermot Mulroney; 44 – Dwayne Johnson; 45 – Jason Behr; 46 – Joseph Fiennes; 47 – The late Mark Frankel; 48-51 – Prabhas (Tollywood actor); 52 – Raoul Bova; 53-54 – Matt Bomer; 55-56 – Tim DeKay & Matt Bomer; 57 – Cristian Antonio; 58 – Kent Edwards; 59-63 – Mikael Kenta; 64-68 – Tiago Riani; 113 – Evan Lysacek; 118 – Zinedine Zidane; 125-126 – Peter Wingfield


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