January 18th, 2009


JAN 18: to boldly go...

OMG I miss her already!!! *LOL*

badmomma64 has been working over in the UK for a week, and luckily based only half an hour from me! We've been able to get together over both weekends. We've chatted ourselves out about friends and fandom and family and fiction. We took her on one of our (in)famous whistle-stop tours of London, plied her with food and made her suffer the mess that is Chez Mitchell. But it's been SO MUCH FUN to have a fellow soulmate around, especially one as lovely as she is.

And this Saturday we followed other prestigious precedents - as held in the US - by holding our own OTP Con, the UK version!!

Watch and marvel at what three previously sensible adult people can do with too much coffee, Powerpoint, a net host and a bundle of Gundam Wing treasures! ^____^

(All credit to Hubby and badmomma64 who created it. I was on support duties only).

Safe journey to her - she's on her way across Europe before she goes back home - and thanks for such great company!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


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