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Another lucky day for me with two guests! And - coincidentally - with connected themes. The author Cat Grant joins us to talk about what we really expect from our fiction as readers - and is that realism? :)

Her Blurb: I've been writing off and on ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I still remember my very first 'published' story, a Jonny Quest adventure I penned in sixth grade. My teacher liked it so much, she had one of the other students illustrate it. That other student went on to become a Hollywood horror-film director.

I've poked around in many different genres. I've written fan fiction for a number of different TV shows, tried my hand at horror and fantasy, but in the end I came back to what I enjoy most - writing about the intimate relationships between men and women, and how love doesn't always happen the way we expect.

Back in 2004, when I became unable to work outside my home, my incredibly supportive husband suggested that I turn this setback into an opportunity, and pursue my dream of becoming a published author. Several years - and untold buckets of sweat later - that dream's finally coming to fruition.


Realism in Romance Fiction? Who Needs It?

This past weekend I had the privilege of hearing New York agent Donald Maass give a workshop based on his new book, "The Fire in Fiction." One of the topics discussed was the use of realism and/or real-life situations in today's media.

For instance, we all know that cloning dinosaurs—or Jesus—is impossible, yet Michael Crichton and Dan Brown made us believe it. Suitcase-size nuclear bombs don't exist, but there would be no reason for TV shows such as 24 to exist if we weren't convinced otherwise.

I'll go out on a limb and say there aren't thousands upon thousands of people in the world involved in polyamorous relationships, but you'd never know it from looking at the All Romance e-books' best-seller lists. That's because, I believe, people don't want too big of a dose of reality in their fiction. In fact, sometimes the more outlandish it is, the more readers like it.

I've just finished a five-book series that follows a M/M/F menage a trois over a period of twenty years. Eric, my bisexual alpha hero and the focal point of my menage, is also a fabulously wealthy, high-powered CEO, with homes in New York City and Tuscany.

Triad is available now at All Romance ebooks

Realistic? Hardly. First off, even people who are involved in polyamorous relationships (and yes, I did do my research here!) have a pretty tough row to hoe making the relationship work over a long period of time. Moreover, most bisexual people practice serial monogamy. They may have partners of either the same sex or the opposite sex, but usually not at the same time. But in fiction, this reality gets stretched a bit, because… well, it's more entertaining!

So, how do we, as writers, make readers believe in the improbable, or even downright impossible? For me, it begins with the characters. Make their world vivid and immediate, give them universal emotions and experiences that everyone can identify with. Most of us know what it's like to lose a loved one, or nurse them through a serious illness, or else we know someone who has. Many of us have survived rough childhoods with dysfunctional families. I'd venture to say that even some of us have had the devastating experience of discovering a partner's infidelity, and the wrenching aftermath of deciding how to go on from there.

Romance authors are in the business of spinning fantasies. Times are tough right now. Readers want an escape from the multiple stresses of their daily lives, whether it's sitting down for an hour of American Idol or burying their noses in a book. They want a wild, exciting ride, and it's up to us as entertainers—and yes, I consider authors of commercial fiction to be entertainers, first and foremost—to deliver that for them. Make your readers walk a mile or two in your characters' shoes, and chances are they'll follow wherever you want to lead them.

If you're interested in reading more about my books, here's some links:

My Website.
My Blog.
My Facebook page.

Buy links for my Courtland Chronicles series at All Romance ebooks
and Fictionwise.

~~Cat Grant~~



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"People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas."

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