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Today's guest is the author Rowena Sudbury who talks about the 'spark' of inspiration and how she weaves it into her fiction :).


About me: Rowena Sudbury lives in southern California with her husband, son, and their wonderful rescue dog. Her love of reading was born in the fifth grade, and she began writing soon after that. Writing has always been her passion and escape from the real world.

Rowena finds herself thinking through the minds of her characters quite often, to the point that she always has to carry a small journal with her so she can capture their thoughts and weave them into stories when she gets home.

My "work" at Dreamspinner:
The King's Tale, The Magic of Lammas, Silent Night.
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As I type this there's a thunderstorm outside. I live in Southern California, and while "It Never Rains in California" is not true, the thunder and lightning are a rarity. I am from Texas originally, and spent several years there and in Kentucky. It's not uncommon to have thunderstorms there, and it was during that time that I cultivated a great fear of the noise and flashes of light. It was a relief to move to the balmy West Coast and put the misery behind me. Now, on days like today, I'm just reminded again that these displays of nature are not something I look forward to at all.

--I originally wrote this post on January 18. Little did I know at that point that the "thunderstorm" was a precursor to the worst rains my region has seen in twenty five years! I've been slogging around ever since.--

I do find inspiration in them though. I find inspiration in nearly everything. I joke that I have a little filing cabinet in my head, and when I need inspiration I can just go and rummage through it. I've used my fear of storms on more than one occasion (there's an example here at the All Gay Romance Stories blog.) Sometimes I think using my own fear lends an air of believability to my characters.

Of course, inspiration also strikes at times when you least expect it. I've had stories pop full blown into my head while listening to music. One time I was tired and just wanted to lay down for "five minutes". I took off my earrings and folded them into my palm. Within a few minutes I was up jotting furiously in a notebook a Valentine's story about ...earrings in the palm of a hand.

Inspiration for The King's Tale is a gift I shall cherish always. I grew up reading historical romance novels, and was always particularly fascinated with Medieval times. I can remember longing to write my own historical, and being vexed when the ideas never came.

And then one night I was chatting with a friend on a messenger program. She and I had written scores of ideas for novels that we both knew were never going to get written. Sometimes it was easier to let our novel characters hash out the ideas "in person" they would talk, and we would type. Her character was the one who came up with the bedtime story, of a cold and lonely king seeking shelter in the cottage of a woodsman. My fertile mind wouldn't let it end at that, and I constructed it into what eventually became my first published work.

All it took was that one spark, and many times that is all inspiration is. A spark.

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Today's Quote:
"To read a poem in January is as lovely as to go for a walk in June." Jean-Paul Sartre

Today's Daft Google Searches for 'Clare London':
"Mapping value in the built urban environment" And...?! :)


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