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Today I'm lucky enough to have double guests! Lori Toland joins us to talk about her new book out on February 1st and the influences on her writing.


First I have to say Happy Birthday Clare! And it’s an honor to be part of your celebration! My first novel comes out February 1st and I’m very excited.

My Profile: CEO by day, manlove writer by night, Lori Toland somehow finds time to play video games and watch movies while taking care of her cats and husband.

My web site is HERE.
E-mail at

The Replacement Guitarist

Blurb: Blaze Shinozuka, a hot talent who auditions as a replacement guitarist for world famous pop star Cassie, is thrilled when he draws the attention of celebrity manager Jason Stockton—and not only because it could make his career. His instant attraction to Jason sends his world careening off its axis and drives him to make a move. But Jason reacts by trying to put distance between them, and Blaze finds himself thrust into the gritty world of rock 'n' roll while falling for a man he shouldn’t touch, let alone love.

Straight-laced Jason Stockton is always professional and never dips his pen in the company ink. But there's something about Blaze that leaves him wanting what he shouldn't, and the guitarist’s exotic beauty and compelling innocence turn out to be the temptation Jason can’t resist. But just one lie in the national media sets off a chain of events that pushes Jason and Blaze apart. Can they find a way to be together in the cutthroat, jealous world of rock 'n' roll even after the music stops?

Buy it HERE!

A little about myself:
Hi! I’m Lori.
I guess I should start off with I don’t talk about myself much, hence the reason my profile is so short at Dreamspinner. As a salesperson and CEO, I work on selling my products, taking the focus off myself but now as a writer, I am in a sense selling my ideas, which are a part of me.

Riffin' by link_worshiper

So again, I will take the focus off me and put it onto my characters. Blaze Shinozuka is a sexy Hawaiian guitarist that is offered a space on a national tour for Cassie. He started off in my mind as full Japanese, born and raised in Japan (since I’m a yaoi fangirl) but I couldn’t put my characters through the hell of immigration to be together. My critique partner suggested I make him part Hawaiian, and then in her own wonder world as she lusted over hot Hawaiian boys, she left me to start writing Blaze.

Jason Stockton, however, is exactly the same as when I started writing. I modeled him after my husband in the looks department, except for Jason’s gorgeous brown eyes. But as I wrote him, I discovered his difficult past, growing up in the shadows of the stage. Funnily enough, I came up with the title of the book first and then built a story around it so I was hugely excited to keep my title. But as I started thinking of the storyline Jason popped up and said to me, “I’m the hot, hunky stud your hero is going to fall in love with… so get to work in getting us together, will you?”

Anime gals from

I love Blaze and Jason but my favorite character is Jason’s assistant, Jennifer. I got the idea for her from watching Anime and reading Manga because often there is a character who says exactly what the reader is thinking. She’s a huge fangirl of Blaze’s and enjoys rubbernecking at Blaze and Jason while doing her best to play matchmaker as well.

I hope you enjoy the book. I do have a sequel planned so drop me a line and let me know if you like them together. And thank you to everyone at Dreamspinner for being absolutely amazing in the editing and publishing process, and for my sexy cover as well. But most of all…


~~Lori Toland~~



Today's Quote:
"The intelligent minority of this world will mark 1 January 2001 as the real beginning of the 21st century and the Third Millennium." Arthur C. Clarke

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"What significance does ignoramus have to Clare" Hmmmm :)


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