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Spoiled Milk, Ice, Writing, Editors, Bad Hair, Oh and Free Fiction!

Today's guest is Angela S. Stone, who's going to tell us about her rather stressful day, her exciting writing projects - and the voices in her head :). I suspect many of us will admit to some or ALL of those issues...

My Blurb: Angela S. Stone is a twenty-something (almost) nurse and wannabe writer living in central Canada. She says that she literally grew up “around a kitchen table”. Food, friends, family and good times all played a huge part in her childhood. She has been writing for as long as she can remember (if you ask very nicely she might even share her very first story with you). She is a huge fan of the classic Boy-meets-Girl Boy romance and loves to read anything she can get her hands on. Angela enjoys created characters that readers can fall in-love with and ones they want to read again and again!
She loves receiving feedback anytime and you e-mail her anytime at: or visit her blog HERE.

Well!! I hope everyone is having fun reading all of Clare’s guest bloggers! I know I certainly am!! So I guess it’s my turn! (Really already?) So here I go.

Ever drink spoiled milk? It’s not exactly pleasant…

Why do I ask? Well typically I don’t drink milk (I’m allergic) but I usually have just a touch in my tea before I head to the hospital in the mornings. Because of my lack of drinking it I usually ended up using less than 1L of milk. And the rest typically expires (a total waste I know, therefore when I have company over I get them to drink my milk!).

So this morning I was running late thanks to staying up until 2am writing (more about that in a moment). So I rushed around, made my tea, poured my milk in and ran out the door.

Only to discover that my car was COVERED in ICE to the point that I couldn’t even open the doors. It was about an inch thick! Brilliant! I had to go back upstairs to my apartment and get my spare scraper brush and chisel off the ice. AND! The battery in my automatic car starter is DEAD so I couldn’t turn my car on without actually getting inside.

[LOL not really angela's car, thank goodness! :)]


Anyway so I get the ice chiseled off the door enough to get it open, then I have to scrape all of the windows in my car. So once I actually left for work I was 15 minutes late. Great… then I’m driving along and I take a sip of my tea and I spew it all over the inside of my car.


Because the milk was sour!!!

So now I’m 20+ minutes late getting to work. I get yelled at by the supervisor, missed an amazing case and! still had sour milk bits in my car when I went to clean it up at lunch!

So the reason all this happened?

The people in my head would NOT shut up!

Erm... yes, as a writer I have people (or bunnies as they like to be known) that live in my head. Alas, there isn’t much space for them, so they also live under my bed, in my closet, in a basket under the coffee table and once in a while under the couch and randomly in the shower.

And they talk to me. (And no I’m not completely crazy…) They give me scene ideas. I see something and say “Ooo that works” and spin it into a couple of thousand words of text.

They would not stop talking to me; I spent 10 hours in the car driving through rural Canada over the weekend. With the exception of some stunning vistas coming off of the confederation bridge there is nothing but trees and farm lands for the 5 hour drive (in each direction).

So they talked to me, I worked out a number of scenes, how I wanted it to work and progress. And I wrote 10,000 words since I returned! Woo!

I’m working on my first novel. I don’t want to say much about it for fear of giving something away. But I’m 44,000+ into it. Originally I was shooting for 60,000 words, but I’m thinking it might be over that.
Which is ok.

The ironic thing is that I’m already plotting my second book!! And I’ve never been published before.

Sure, I’ve written novels (which I will never, ever show anyone!), and even stories that are novel length, but never have I written a proper novel that may (or may not be) taken seriously by a publisher.

I’m kinda scared but at the same time excited for the idea of actually writing a novel. It sounds so cliché to say it but I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember as a way to curb my over active imagination!

I just hope someone will want to read it!!

Also on the same category of being Published I submitted a short story a while ago now (for consideration for a publication). I was hoping to hear back from the editor before my Guest blogging spot, but alas I didn’t hear anything. So keep your fingers crossed for me in that department!

On a totally unrelated topic I need to get my hair cut because my group grad photo is on Tuesday! Eek!! I don't have an appointment but I’m hoping someone will be able to take me!! (I hate having my hair cut so yeah; I leave it to the last possible moment!)

from Barry Louis Polisar blog

Oh and since you read through my rambley blog I leave you with a parting gift.

I would like to introduce you to Jason; Jason is a character in the novel I’m currently writing. He’s a sexy and adorable Cop with a kinky side that gets him into all kinds of trouble with his current boyfriend Owen!

I need to thank Logan for her lovely retro style cover art. (You can contact her via e-mail: for inquires)

Also I encourage you to pass on this piece of adorable and fluffy fiction to your friends, family (and even your favourite editor). I really hope you’ll be able to see more from Jason in the coming months!

It was originally a bit longer but I realised I was delving too deep into my characters for what I wanted for this blog.

So without further ado I give you:

The Handcuff Predicament.
[Clare: It's a pdf, free download, scroll down the page to find the link.]

Enjoy and I’d love to hear your comments!


Angela's Blog.
Angela on Twitter.



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