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Today's guest is the author Wren Boudreau whose first novel Ice Cream on the Side has just been released. Today she talks about finding herself - and the fun of fascination of the results! :).

Her Blurb: Wren Boudreau likes to think she’s wild and bohemian, a charismatic character who sees magic everywhere. The reality is that Wren Boudreau is quite ordinary, an introvert who prefers nesting in the warm comfort of her home and going on great adventures in her head. In her youth, she played with Barbie dolls, learned to play piano, slept with stuffed animals, and had a “pixie” hair cut. In her teens, Wren wrote stories about lost love, sang in the choir, learned how to use a blow dryer and cried on New Year’s Eve. She went to college, took a creative writing class, directed a play, spiked her hair, waited tables, worked at a publishing house, got married, had a baby. The baby grew up, Wren went back to school, became a teacher and grew her hair long. When she discovered m/m romance, she decided she wanted in on that. She has negligible social skills, does not always play well with others and runs with scissors. She is still married, to a wonderful man who isn’t sure why she’s writing gay romance but loves her anyway.


Who Am I? And…Am I Okay With That?

Hi, I’m Wren Boudreau. I’ve written a book, “Ice Cream on the Side” which is available from Loose Id HERE. It’s an m/m murder mystery romance. It’s the first book I ever wrote. Some people have actually read it, and some of them have even liked it! Go me.

Blurb: Architect Dylan and art teacher Michael fight past betrayals to find passion in the bedroom with ice cream on the side. But now someone has murdered two of Dylan’s former lovers. Can the guys find the killer before the killer gets Michael?

I’ve started a blog, with bits of this and that. If you’re interested, it’s Here. I’d love to have you visit!

I’m also working on another book, but it’s in the ruminating stage more than anything. I do have a short story in the works, involving a stuck elevator, an inebriated priest and an ice sculpture. You can find out more about that on Kris' blog here.

[Clare: If anyone remembers, I was an earlier victim, sorry "volunteer" for this occasional project of Kris'! It's good fun, make sure you all check in for Wren's story on Valentine's Day!]

It’s been an interesting process, this writing a book thing. From that first moment of “yeah, I think I can do this,” to “holy shit I did it!” I learned things about myself. Like I don’t take being ignored gracefully. And I get kind of smug when things go my way. I also, evidently, use a lot of exclamation points when I write, which is weird because I am not an excitable, or exciting, person. In fact, my husband frequently checks my pulse to make sure I’m alive.

Okay, that might be an exaggeration. But no exclamation marks were harmed in making it.

So I’ve been thinking about writing and being a writer, and how I practically live attached to my laptop anymore. It’s where I read, write, lurk, communicate, etc. And it’s damn comfortable. But a few years ago I would have been wondering constantly: What’s wrong with me?

In my younger days, I spent a lot of time in my head and did more than my share of navel-gazing trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted out of life. I immersed myself in reading, daydreamed endlessly, listened to music, wrote stuff. I had a couple of close friends I spent time with, but didn’t mind being by myself. Even so, I didn’t understand why people couldn’t seem to warm up to me. Near the end of high school, through a series of events I won’t bore you with, I found out that my peers thought I was “stuck up” (do the kids still use that term?) when in fact I was quite shy. More fodder for the who-am-I gristmill. I searched for but never found a satisfactory sense of self. Never quite fitting in anywhere, I was happiest when lost in a good book or fantasy of my own making. Somewhere in the recesses of my mind I wanted more, but more…what? I just lived with a sense of things being slightly off-center (which led to its own set of problems, but let’s not go down that road!). I kind of shut down any further attempt to figure me out.

Then maybe ten years ago, I took the Meyers-Briggs Personality Assessment. If you know nothing about this, there is a ton of info on the web, but a place to start might be Here. My personality type turned out to be INFP. While I could write for days about this and what it means to me, I can put it in this nutshell: I am happiest in my inner world, and that is OKAY!

Don’t get me wrong; it’s a lot more complicated than that! But when I saw this type applied to me, my sense of self was validated. It’s indicative of my self-esteem level that it took a test to let me appreciate myself, but hey, that’s what worked for me. There isn’t anything wrong with me. I am just this way, which is the simple answer to my many “why’s”. Why I like to write. Why being at a party or in a crowd of people sucks the life out of me, and why I can feel energy by being alone. Why I think creatively, and why I am accepting of others, flexible, and hard to get to know. Why I need time to think of responses to things. Why I lurk. Among other things.

So now I’m curious. Do you know who you are? Are you okay with that? Was there an event in your life that validated your sense of self, or how did you come to terms with you?

And if you don’t know who you are, I do wish you good travels. There is a wonderful place at the end of the journey, and it’s been made just for you!!

~~Wren Boudreau~~

Wren's Blog.



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