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Today's guest is the author Cassandra Gold, sharing with us her latest fiction and also her 'history' as a reader :).

Her Bio: By day, Cassandra is a relatively mild-mannered middle school teacher. At night and on weekends, she transforms into a neurotic, scatterbrained author who spends most of her time writing about men falling in love. She also enjoys reading, writing, and spending way too much time on the internet.

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Upcoming release: Quinn’s Hart, coming January 31 from Amber Allure.


The Wonderful World of Subgenres

All my life, I’ve had a tendency toward hyper-focus. I’d find something I liked and concentrate almost exclusively on that, sometimes to the point of burning myself out on it. I did that with hobbies and foods, but mostly with reading.

As a child, I went through phases in which I read only books with horses, only series books (think Sweet Valley High or The Baby-sitters Club), or only horror books. As a young adult, I tried romance and hated it, so I focused on reading mysteries.

Fortunately, I gave the romance genre another try a couple of years later, and liked the next one a whole lot more. That was over a decade ago. Since then I’ve read countless romances, and I haven’t gotten tired of the genre yet.

How did romance manage to avoid being consigned to my “read-it-until-I-burned-out” list like mystery and horror?

By having so many wonderful subgenres to choose from! I started out reading contemporary romance, but I soon branched out to reading romantic suspense and historical. Later, I discovered paranormals and added those to my list of preferred subgenres.

Early in 2005, I found what’s now become my favorite subgenre of romance—m/m. I began reading with two old standbys of mine, contemporary and paranormal. Now, I read everything from romantic suspense to fantasy and sci-fi, a genre I never really liked before. The rich variety of subgenres available within m/m keeps me from getting bored. I’ve even read a few m/m BDSM books I really enjoyed, and that’s something I would never have expected to like.

As an author, I’ve only written contemporary and paranormal, but I don’t rule anything out. Some day my hyper-focus might leave me burned out and ready to write a historical. (Or maybe not…I might be too lazy to do the research…)

What about you all? What subgenres do you love to read or write? Have you burned yourself out on any? Anything you haven’t tried but would like to?




Today's Quote:
"Happiness is too many things these days for anyone to wish ill on anyone lightly. So let's just wish each other a bileless New Year and leave it at that." Judith Crist

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"A secret New York nook where the shopping shines" Hmm...must fly out to check?! :)


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