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Today's guest is a dear friend I made in Gundam Wing fandom, Daimeryan Rei. She describes how we met during a novella contest as rivals - and ended up friends LOL. She writes both fanfiction and original fiction, and is hoping to do so for a long time to come. Her writing is rich with world-building and full of the love of the characters she either 'borrows' or creates.

She discusses today the balance of fanfiction and original work - and how both bring reward.


With all the different guests on Clare’s blog, a lot of interesting topics are raised, and of course, due to the nature of our gracious host, a lot of them have to do with writing. I’m going to talk a little about fanfiction and the transition to original/published fiction, a feat Clare has succeeded in (and one day I will too! ^__^).

But first, fanfiction is how I met Clare. It was back in those days… of 2003, when the infamous, and now unfortunately defunct, website hosted a novella challenge contest for the Gundam Wing fandom (something about huge fighting robots or ‘mecha’, politics and people at war - all that we could see were the five handsome pilots). Together with another author, Clare and I were the only ones to participate. It was fun, but our bond deepened when we met for the second time, at the second novella challenge. Since then, we’ve been firm Internet friends and keeping an eye on each other through LiveJournal, encouraging each other and chatting on AIM.

There’s a lot of fuzz about fanfiction - a lot of people think it’s cheap, to use an universe and characters who have already been made up, and diminishing or degrading one’s talent by writing about pre-existing people and worlds. I think I was a fanfic writer even before I knew it, because I used my old ‘Suske en Wiske’ (Spike and Suzy) comics as a base to draw and write my first own stories. I felt frustrated sometimes when I read a book or saw a TV show and it ended differently or it went into another direction then I hoped for. I made up my own stories, and slowly but surely the characters I used as a template, developed into original characters, some of which I still use today.

I personally don’t think that writing fanfiction is cheap or diminishing one’s talents. It’s a hobby for a lot of people, and it’s fun exploring subplots or characters that were hardly touched upon in their original series and settings. Fanfiction and fandom in general have resulted into great friends and lots of fun stuff: sharing and squeeing about shows, speculating about character development, etc., etc.. but there’s a firm line between fanfiction and original fiction, of course.

You can take fanfiction only so far. The reason why someone starts to write fanfiction (just for fun, to explore subplots and characters, etc., etc..) hits a summit one day, sooner or later, and then what? The characters can’t stretch anymore, you have explored enough of what you want to write about, or the fandom itself isn’t just as interesting as it used to be. The universe and the characters aren’t your own. They’re not your creation, and there’s only so much you can do with them before it becomes out of character and people start to wonder “Hey, has this author seen the same show I did?”. Is that the time to quit your hobby, or try to find another fandom? Or go for publication with an original novel? With a world that you build yourself, which has unlimited possibilities and characters completely your own?

Far be it from me to say or claim that one kind of writing is better or worse than the other. Me, I like writing fanfiction everyday. Yet I know there’ll be an end to it, as I focus more on original fiction, trying to get published myself. Sometimes you reach that point when you have done everything with the characters you loved and cared for and it’s time to find a new thing, a new direction. You can learn a lot from writing, whatever method you choose. I liked the Gundam boys enough to participate in a novella challenge (Scary! People will judge my work), and writing fanfiction strengthened me in my belief that hey, maybe one day I can take the plunge and try to get published. Others have gone ahead of me, among them no one other but Clare herself.

I love writing. It’s what I did since I was seven and hammered stories out on my grandfather’s typewriter. Fortunately, I have a lot of this early work, and it’s great fun to re-read it and laugh out loud about the plot holes and the giant Deus Ex Machinas I was apparently fond of. I even have a story with the dreaded self-insert, only not a Mary Sue; I didn’t write a love interest for myself, I was just the cool kid. I will continue to write, fanfiction for as long as I like, original fiction with the goal to be published, a life-long dream.

Anyway you write, just write. Don’t let anyone hold you back and continue to grow. What started as a hobby, could be your future. And the world needs books, more and more books, to learn and to develop. Write on!

~~Daimeryan Rei~~

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Her general Blog.
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