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Today's guest is 1more_sickpuppy, an enthusiastic reader and friend to my fellow authors on and off LJ. She has some very perceptive and thought-provoking comments on balancing friendship between online and off-line Life.


Lately I sometimes find myself trying to take stock of my life, think what I have, what people my age ought to have. Family? Friends? Job? Home? Love?

My Facebook is absolutely crawling with baby pictures, and I can really see that shift in priorities among others my age (round thirty) happening all around me. Most of my old classmates are not only way ahead of me career and salary wise, but also married, possibly with children, possibly with house, dog, car, nephews and nieces…

It’s not that I envy them (fine, other than the money) – I don’t want children in my imaginable future, and I would be happy staying single if it weren’t for things like convenience and expectations. I’m starting to think that I will really be lonely once the last of my friends settle down and pop out kids. What will it be like in the future when I haven’t put any energy into building that sort of life? My immediate family consists of one somewhat lonely, ageing mom and one sibling living across the globe. None of my best friends live nearby and they all have their own lives to worry about, splitting their time between family, partners, work etc. What will I really have for show, to see, touch or hang out with?

My question (at last, a point being made!) is this: do you guys count?

I realize many of the readers here are people I don’t know, but you get the idea. What about all this love I put into and receive from the online community? All these hours I spend on the computer, the energy and thought I expend here instead of on “real” things that might actually get me somewhere in life. I love the people here on LJ, the stories I read and the comments, the pictures and randomness posted, the funny exchanges…! I feel richer as a person for having you. But you guys aren’t going to have Christmas dinner with me or come to the movies on Wednesday night. You’re not going to give me a ride to the airport or buy milk and eggs when I’m home sick. And when I'm bursting to share some tidbit or other from online, I can’t talk about it or you with my RL people because then I’d have to explain stuff like ‘slash’, ‘fan fic’, and how the heck come we’re sharing gay porn clips. In fact, my enjoyment of these things and these relationships might be considered to steal time from my studies/would-be career/RL folks.

So, down the road, do I write my LJ friends up on my ‘Have’-list? Does this beloved electronic life count for anything when I turn off the computer and go back to RL?

/ Jo, who finds it hard to combine these two lives yet wants both.



Today's Quote:
"“Every man regards his own life as the New Year's Eve of time." Jean Paul Richter

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"Morgan Freeman Is Not a Cyborg" who ever said he was...?!


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