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Today's guest is the author K. Z. Snow - another writer I met through her fiction, which I fangirled over and thereby got to know the gal behind the glamour! In this case, it was Looking for Some Touch, a fabulous urban fantasy with a whole cast of strong, sexy and sympathetic men, a delicious combination of the divine and down-to-earth. I like the way her writing has depth of setting and plot, a remarkably sensual and witty love of language and kick-ass characters. What I like even more is her personal passion and the articulate way she chooses to express herself - both in and off the pages of a book!

The last instalment of the Utopia X series released THIS WEEK HERE!.

When demon-angel-human hybrids fall in love, it makes them a little crazy. That's not the worst of it for Regenerie's Coven of Three. Now that Win, Tole, and Zee are involved in passionate relationships, they can't generate enough sex-energy with each other to activate their indispensable oracle, the Celestine.
The Dark Elves of Bildezir couldn't have picked a better time to attempt a takeover of the Utopian Metroplex. Regenerie’s leaders have gone off to seek a solution to their quandary. Their employee Pablo, left behind, decides to party -- a little too hard. There's ample evidence he's committed a serious indiscretion. Both the Coven's headquarters and Pablo's bond with Win end up in shambles.
And here come the elvish warriors.
Kicked to the curb, Pablo has his hands full. He must prove he didn't betray Win during his night of drunken revelry. And he must figure out how to save both the Coven and the metroplex from a power-hungry, sexually ruthless enemy armed with magic.
What does Pablo have, aside from his love and devotion? A twink named Skeep, a horny mongrel humanoid, and a big blue orb. Good luck.

P.S. to KZ - good to see Skeep still around! I have a very soft spot for him (just don't ask which one...).


Teapot tempests keep cropping up over straight women writing GLBT fiction -- and on such a regular basis, many female authors feel forced repeatedly to justify their involvement in the genre. Although I don't share the impulse (so keep in mind this is not a "why I write about gay guys" post), I understand it. Not too many folks want to be perceived as crass, opportunistic, sexist, ignorant, presumptuous, deceitful, and/or callous. But, when you think about it, all this belittlement is absurd. Wasting one’s time and energy trying to counter it is even more absurd.

We write fiction, ferdachrissakes, not textbooks and not bibles. That means we make shit up. We not only enjoy making shit up, most of us take it seriously enough to have great respect for the art of making shit up. That, in turn, means we genuinely care about our subject matter and characters as well as our readers. We try to do right by them all. Good writers of historical fiction go a step further; they’re meticulous about surrounding their made-up shit with factual shit. So, most of us aren't just futzing around. We're doing something we love, to the best of our abilities and with the utmost regard for our audience. Those are the things that count – in addition to facility with language, of course -- when one’s vocation or avocation is making shit up.

pics: ChristineDePisan / G Kersting / Vermeer

Moreover, we all have preferences for what kinds of shit we make up. That's why many of us concentrate on the G to the exclusion of the L, B, and T. That’s why Poppy Z. Brite isn't Ian McEwan isn't Nora Roberts isn't Clive Barker isn't John Grisham. There's no logical reason a writer in one genre or subgenre should feel obligated to write in another or make excuses for his/her area of interest, and there's certainly no implication of virulent prejudice.

We're not answering a higher calling. We're not changing the world. There's nothing particularly noble about making shit up, even if it’s closely or marginally related to an important cause like gay rights. But there's nothing inherently reprehensible about it either. It's not as if we're hatemongers. In fact, we're just the opposite. So why do some authors continually feel a need to explain themselves?

My point is this: I think all the self-justification should stop. In fact, I think it never should have started. Screw it. If people don't like the shit we make up, they can read shit other people make up or else read nonfiction. The only way to deal with the nay-sayers is to ignore them. God knows reviewers keep us busy reaching for the ego salve. Why acknowledge gender bashers?

There. Problem solved.

~~K. Z. Snow~~

Here's some of my recently made-up shit.
Bastards and Pretty Boys (m/m contemporary, available from Liquid Silver and e-book distros).
Utopia-X, Book 4: Finding Utopia (m/m futuristic urban fantasy, link above).
To Be Where you Are (m/m paranormal, available from Liquid Silver).
Jude in Chains (m/m contemporary, coming in April from Dreamspinner Press).
Mobry's Dick (m/m contemporary + historical, tba from Loose Id).
The Prayer Waltz (m/m contemporary, WIP).

K. Z.'s Blog.



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"Youth is when you're allowed to stay up late on New Year's Eve. Middle age is when you're forced to." Bill Vaughn

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